brand therapy
An experience 
to elevate
your brand

This is a customised process developed by us to help
both of us understand your brand better. Gauge your
aesthetics, formulate a plan and come up with a solution
driven approach to develop an identity for you.

are you

a brand that is starting off ?

a brand that is looking to re-brand ?
are you a well established brand that is looking to evolve strategy?

are you trying to introduce a new offering?

are you a brand that is looking to improve their current positioning?

At Qi, we understand that a brand is an evolving entity. It has its own needs, requirements and challenges. Design Consulting helps to identify and solve for the brand based on where they are facing challenges on its journey today.

  • Brand Growth Tools
  • Gain Brand Future Clarity
  • Identify Brand Challenges
  • Brand Assimilation
  • Explore Innovative Solution
  • Becoming Your Brand’s Ambassador

Meet Our Expert

Hi, I’m Priyasha Murarka! I am a visual communication  design specialist and brand designer with 10+ years of experience working with over almost 100+ brands.

From brand identities, illustrations, spatial design to crafting iconic visuals, I immerse myself in the diverse realms of creativity and love to create through a solution and purpose driven approach to design. I specialize in bringing brands, ideas, and concepts to life.

am here to learn more about what truly drives you, to understand the essence of your brand, and to infuse it with the harmonious energy it deserves. Together, we’ll amplify your vision and let the energy  ( Qi ) flow through every aspect of your brand and create a sustainable solution for your brand together.

At Qi, we understand that a brand is an evolving entity. It has its own needs, requirements and challenges. Design Consulting helps to identify and solve for the brand based on where they are facing challenges on its journey today.

Our Process

What Happens Post The Sessions ?

Post the sessions there is some amount of time to be given for introspection and assimilation
All the points discussed / reflected upon give us more clarity with how you can proceed forward with your brand. All the knowledge and insights gained would require an actionable outcome and impact not just design but various parts of the brand and business. If you would like us to help with the actionable parts of the design insights we are more than happy to do so ! Our goal is to help you build a successful brand and be the support system for you through the journey.

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    We are grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate and create together. Here are some kind words our
    partners had to say about us where they tell us how branding therapy helped their brand:

    Rajesh Dahiya

    Founder and CEO

    I’m sincerely grateful for the brand therapy session with Priyasha at the Qi Studio. She expertly guided me in developing a strong brand identity for “GoodGovern”, my governance-focused consulting firm.

    Throughout the process, Priyasha’s deep understanding of brand importance was evident. She engaged attentively, ensuring the brand reflected the essence of Good Govern. Her tailored approach made me feel valued and understood. Through thought-provoking questions and exercises, Priyasha skillfully guided me in uncovering ideal brand elements. We determined the perfect brand colours and personality traits that effectively communicate our values and vision. I appreciated the comprehensive sessions that allowed us to delve deeply into my brand’s identity. Priyasha’s commitment to understanding the desired client experience was invaluable. Her thoughtful approach opened new perspectives and considerations.
    Priyasha’s expertise in brand therapy, combined with her personalized guidance, resulted in a brand identity that fills me with pride. The name, branding language, and story we developed truly capture the essence of Good Govern’s mission and values.
    I wholeheartedly recommend Priyasha and the Qi Studio for their exceptional brand therapy services. Her professionalism, expertise, and ability to cater to my needs were invaluable. I’m grateful for the transformative experience she facilitated, and I’m excited for the positive impact it will have on GoodGovern’s growth and success.

    Arooshi Dahiya


    Before we did the brand therapy with Priyasha, we were called Oleo. Had a logo that we were extremely embarrassed of. Our customers would ask us what “Oleo” meant and why we decided to name our company, the most important thing in our life, that. Oleo means Oil. And as you can tell there was very little logic to the name and the brand except for the fact that we wanted to work with the oil and gas industry and wanted a name that was easy on the tongue. We would cook up some story on why it was called Oleo depending on who the listeners were. 

    But as we started to grow, we wanted to change this. Our brand was the first thing a potential client or employee or investor would learn about us and we wanted something that we were proud of. 

    It’s funny how even after running the company together for more than a year, Abhirup and I hadn’t properly aligned ourselves on how we wanted our brand to be perceived. These are things that (regretfully) take a backseat when you’re working with your first few clients, hiring your first few employees etc. Branding therapy helped fix that.

    Priyasha did 4+ hours of sessions with us asking us deep questions about how we wanted the world to perceive our brand– things like what is our brand’s personality, what beverage would it drink at a bar, what kind of music does it listen to etc.This process not only helped us reflect more deeply about the company and the experience we want to give our clients but also helped us learn a lot more about each other and our individual goals with the company Every 20-minutes, I would shout out an “Are you serious?” at Abhirup.

    In many ways, we wanted the brand to be a reflection of ourselves and in others, we wanted it to be its own “person”. 

    At the end of the entire exercise, we had a beautiful name, branding language, story all aligned with the mission and vision of the company and it is something that we are proud of.

    Janine Vakharia


    Nine by Janine was a dream that hadn’t yet come to life. I was pretty unclear and still wobbly on the idea of actually starting my own business. But opting for a Brand therapy session with Priyasha and Abhishek really was a turning point for me, the session gave life to the Brand and a whole lot of clarity in thought and confidence to me! The therapy session lasted around 3 hours or so. After the session I personally felt the Brand becoming more visible and alive and I was more confident to pursue my passion.

    In the session, I appreciated how Priyasha and Abhishek first got to know me and my personality as that would be the foundation and reflection of my Brand’s personality. Through the branding session they helped me delve into questions on what my brand stands for, what would be my brand’s values, who were my biggest competitors, what is my brand’s personality, and they helped me think about who my target audience was. All this helped me have a clearer picture on where I currently was and where I’d like to be. We also viewed and discussed other brands and sifted through how I wanted the world to perceive my Brand. We also touched on various logos which appealed to me, and certain color blocks which reflected what was now going to be my brand’s personality.

    I’m glad I had this opportunity to work through my likes and dislikes on how I wanted my Brand to be portrayed from the get-go. The entire process was truly enriching.

    To sum up the session I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, clarity and professionalism which Qi studios spent their time helping me build the Brand from literally scratch. If you’re a new entrepreneur starting up your Brand; you don’t want to miss this opportunity which will put everything in perspective and help you bountifully.

    Tanish Shewani


    Working with Priyasha and Qi Studio has been an incredible experience for us at Bharat Carbon. The branding therapy module she introduced truly helped us gain a deeper understanding of what a brand is and how it is perceived. It provided us with the much-needed clarity and direction that we were seeking before creating our brand identity.

    Priyasha’s guidance throughout the process was exceptional. She was not only sweet and helpful, but she also took the time to explain every aspect of the branding process in a way that was easy to understand. Her expertise and knowledge were evident, and we were impressed by her research skills, especially considering the limited availability of service providers in the climate tech industry in India.

    We were extremely happy with the service Priyasha provided and the way she guided us from start to end. Her attention to detail and dedication to our project were evident in every interaction. We highly recommend her to other co-founders who are looking to develop a strong brand identity and positioning.

    Overall, Priyasha’s branding therapy module and her exceptional skills have been instrumental in shaping the identity of Bharat Carbon. We are grateful for her expertise and the positive impact she has had on our brand journey. Thank you, Priyasha, for your support and for helping us create a brand that truly represents who we are and what we stand for.”

    Dr. Radhika Narayanan & Supriya Narayanan


    I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the branding therapy session conducted by Qi Studio for our company – The Platinum Sun (TPS). As new founders entering the luxury decor and gifting industry, we were initially overwhelmed and lacked direction regarding how to establish our company’s identity and visual representation. Truly, the session proved to be a unique experience that provided us with invaluable guidance.

    Prior to engaging with Priyasha at Qi Studio, we only had a rough idea about what the brand would be like, and although we had tons of beautiful images carved in her mind we were unable and unaware as to how to bring these visions to life. We had a name, but did not know how to visually express it. We had a story but did not know how to skillfully narrate it. And finally we had the dream but we did not know how to bring it to life. 

    Priyasha dedicated more than four hours to our session, delving deep into thought-provoking questions that explored how we wanted our brand to be perceived. From our brand’s personality, to its favourite colors and even the type of music it would listen to, the process encouraged us to reflect profoundly on our company and the experience we sought to provide our clients. Moreover, it unveiled new insights about each other and our individual goals within the company. Many times, Priyasha would actually have to tell us – “You guys are founders! Start believing that. Start behaving like that”, and that really helped propel my mother and I to actually start developing that entrepreneurial mindset. 

    We aimed to create a brand that would not only mirror our own values but also possess its own distinct identity. Through this comprehensive exercise, we emerged with a beautifully crafted logo, a captivating branding language, and a compelling origin story —all in perfect harmony with TPS’s mission and vision. The result is a brand we are genuinely proud to call our own. 

    The branding therapy session conducted by Qi Studio was truly transformative for The Platinum Sun. Priyasha’s expertise, thoughtful questioning, and commitment to understanding our vision enabled us to navigate the complex process of building our brand with clarity and confidence. We are grateful for the guidance provided, and we highly recommend Qi Studio to any new founders or businesses seeking to establish a strong and authentic brand identity


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