Aagam Website

Information Architecture | User Experience | Website Designing | Mind Mapping |

The brief was to design a website portal which will allow the youth to look for jobs, understand constitution and help them find information on completing their 10th or 12th schooling.


Aagam is an NGO which provides needful young adults a wide range of career options and assists them to gain the required skills. They help to endeavor to influence school dropouts to complete schooling through Open Learning.


In order to do create an identity for them, we dived deep into the process from coming with the brand name to highlighting the core values and purpose of the brand as well as who it’s been created for.


The logo explores the idea of representing individuals using geometric forms and also displays how every opportunity leads to different possibilities.

what our clients said

“It’s always great to work with Qi. It’s a personalised experience where team Qi becomes your team and the lines fade, only to work towards a great outcome.
– Sidney Rocha Founder