Lala Wildlife

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We created a unique booking experience website for Lala a musician turned wildlife photographer who now conducts one of a kind, curated wildlife sanctuary tours all over the country through his personalised experiences.


Apurva Isac more fondly known as Lala to his loved ones is an Indian musician who over the years turned his creative talents to wildlife photography and having adventures only LALA could have.


We created the look and feel of the website to represent Lala’s dairy and his personality where he documents all his unique experiences with the wildlife. His stories of the jungle are legendary and his safari’s are unlike any other. That uniqueness is what we wanted to capture through his website.

Our Impact

Created a unique look and feel

Helped reach & book international clients

Made a solopreneurs life easier


Each jungle has it’s own terrain, animals, flora and fauna we wanted to showcase that to help people choose based on what they wanted to experience.

what our clients said

“Loved how you guys took my vision and brought it to an even better reality than I could have imagined. The bouncing off of ideas between you guys was honestly one of my favourite parts because I kept getting excited about each step.”
– Apurva Isac ( Lala )