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Only organics as a brand focused on creating a world that enables its subscribers to live in a organic wonderland. The aim was to create a website which focuses on helping the user curate meal plans and subscribe to a range of services that the brand had to offer.


Only organics is an international luxury organic brand that grows their own produce and is able to provide a customised experience to its customers and make organic more fun and into a lifestyle.


The visual identity explored the idea of creating. Website where the users were a limited to seasonal produce, where they had the ability to understand what an organic lifestyle is and how they can be apart of it.

Our Impact

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Targeted Customers


To create a website that helps the user understand the brands services and the life of living in an organic wonderland.

what our clients said

“Working with the entire team at Qi Studio was a fantastic experience. We were able to achieve tight deadlines and managed to work around the limitations due to the pandemic. The creative that we came up with together is refreshing and eye-catching. Overall, it was an excellent experience.”
-Rehnan Singaporia, Framroze Deli