Oren Branding

Branding | Packaging | Logo design | Brand therapy | Art Direction | Content creation | 
Social media design | Graphic design | Illustrations and Print solution

To design a visual identity for a young tech forward brand.


Oren is a brand that wants to simply and amplify sustainability for everyone. They also want to help debunk the belief systems and stigmas / misconceptions about sustainability.


The Brand focuses on ESG and offers services based on that module. We wanted to highlight that through the branding.

Our Impact

Created A Brand Communication System

Unique Visual Language For The Sustainability Space

Higher Recall Value For Customers


To help the brand give a name, create a branding language and to align the story with the vision and mission of the company,

what our clients said

“On some days, it felt like you cared about our brand more than we did. It was an absolutely wonderful experience.”
–  Arooshi Dahiya, Co- Founder