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To create unique packaging inspired by yoga for blends that revitalizes the body, mind and way of life for Sarveda a brand that believes in living the yogic lifestyle.


Started as the brainchild of Bijay, a young enterprising individual born in Nepal and trained in Canada with a passion for food and a lifetime of experience in hospitality.


The colour pallet is inspired by the chakras in our body and their colours the area and chakra the blend might impact the most. The illustration style celebrated the ancient yogic dressing sense but with a relatable look and feel to help each person consuming the herbs to bring out their inner yogis.

Our Impact

Created A Brand Communication System

Unique Visual Language For The Sustainability Space

Higher Recall Value For Customers


The Idea was to celebrate the ancient yogic learning and benefits through each blend. The Asanas’s highlighted on the packaging further help cultivate the benefit the blend is promoting.