The fairytale store

Branding | Packaging | Logo design | Brand therapy | Art Direction | Content creation | 
Social media design | Graphic design | Illustrations and Print solution

To create a visual identity and brand language for a Party / Celebration / Gifting Curation Brand


The FairyTale Store is a brand that wants to make people’s dreams come true. They curate and sell unimaginable items for events that can help make transform people’s fairytale dreams come true.


The idea that each person has their own fantasy world. This identity celebrates that and wants to make YOU a part of the fairytale. The visual element of the identity is something that people can choose and making them a part of their own fairytale and a part of the brand.


We have explored a couple of visuals of fantasy and fairytale but they can keep growing as the brand grows.

what our clients said

“Satisfied, Approach is different, Easy to convey ideas, Very Professional, 
Very Creative, Unique”
–  Nabeel Gazzali, CEO and Founder