Zianne Currim

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Social media design | Graphic design | Illustrations and Print solution

We created a visual identity for Zianne Currim the brand identity is inspired by the loops in her hand writing to truly represent who she is and how she bakes through her identity.


Zianne is a home baker whose passion for baking & food is deep rooted, it started from making home made jams, baking heavenly creme caramels with her grandmother to perfecting her skills at Lavonne Academy of Baking science & Pastry Arts.


She wants to spread love and joy through her food and enjoys making people happy with her treats. The use of contrasting colours like pink and grey encompasses both sides of Zianne’s personality and the brand.


The soft, playful and experimental side is represented by the pink and the edgy, practical and composed side through the grey.

what our clients said

“Really really love working with you guys.
Super efficient, understand the brief very well.”
–  Zianne Currim, Founder