Qi, is the life force that makes the world go around. Qi in Bengali is phonetically pronounced as “ki” which
means what, how and why. At Qi, we believe in devoting our energy in the right direction and
understanding that each person, business, start-up, is unique and so are its needs. Which is why we give
each idea a unique ‘flow’ that keeps moving creativity forward. We reach in-depth to understand your
vision and to create simple, memorable, creative and effective solutions that will keep the Qi flowing
through your brand



Hi, I’m Priyasha Murarka! I am a visual communication  design specialist and brand designer with 10+ years of experience working with over almost 100+ brands. I possess an innate love for breathing life into brands, ideas, and concepts through captivating design. 
From brand identities,illustrations, spatial design to crafting iconic visuals, I immerse myself in the diverse realms of creativity and love to create through a solution and purpose driven approach to design. I specialize in bringing brands, ideas, and concepts to life.
I am here to learn more about what truly drives you, to understand the essence of your brand, and to infuse it with the harmonious energy it deserves. Together, we’ll amplify your vision and let the energy  ( Qi ) flow through every aspect of your brand and create a sustainable solution for your brand together.

Our Services

Rather than just jumping in, we take a moment to question
the why, what and how of the brief to deliver.