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Basiligo Menu and Icons

To create custom Icons as well as a custom menu for the daily menu of their subscription clientele. The design must be visually appealing, easily customizable and needs to be updated on a daily basis for each client.


Basiligo, Dubai, is a wonderful brand that is committed to providing wonderful healthy, diet specific meals to their clients. They are motivated to help their clients through the health journey every step of the way, from understanding, motivating, guiding, educating, and implementing it. It is a brand that really cares and understands what really goes into transforming the body. The amazing founder, Justine, founded the brand in 2015 and has successfully made it an accomplished brand with great values.


The Menu design had to account for the daily changing menu and also display the nutritional components of each meal as the brand focuses on customising meals on a daily basis for all different diets. The design is easily customisable based on the number of meals selected by the client. The design solution works on print as well as on the screen; which was the client required. The icons are fun, fresh, playful and handmade tying the illustration and visual style of the brand together.