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Basiligo weight Loss Journey

To create illustrations for the brands’ unique 10-step wellness and weight loss journey. They can be used individually or in combination as an infographic based on the brands’ requirements


Basiligo, Dubai, is a wonderful brand that is committed to providing wonderful healthy, diet-specific meals to their clients. They are motivated to help their clients through the health journey every step of the way from understanding, motivating, guiding, educating, and implementing it. It is a brand that really cares and understands what really goes into transforming the body. The amazing founder, Justine, along with her wonderful team have created a 10-step plan to help do that better.


The visual route / illustrations we came up with focused on the handmade/ hand-drawn look and feel to help explore a fresher style for the brand. The visuals captured the essence of each step that the brand has developed and helped provide a beatiful, relatable, and friendly approach to something scary like weight loss. The goal was to educate people, highlight their unique process as well as make it not seem too intimidating and unattainable.