Cube Stop in collaboration with preface
Branding, Space design, Communication design, Art direction, Experience design, illustrations

Cube Stop

To create a dynamic space design through illustrations and quotations to help improve the user experience holistically.


Cube Stop is a chain of highway stops that aim to provide hygienic and family-oriented experience for all the highway travellers from truck drivers to family members. The visual route revolves around relatable travel scenarios and conversations that travellers encounter while driving long distances. Stories and characters are used as a focal point to communicate these scenarios. The vibrant colour palette is created to have a wider spectrum of relatability and visual appeal.


Cube stop wanted to leave their visitors feeling recharged and energised. The space will act as an oasis for people on the road. The illustrations were designed to be relatable and comforting, which made these stops more approachable as compared to the other rest stops along the way.