Momo Joint
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Momo Joint

To create a visual identity, visual style for a momo company hoping to launch in India. They hope to provide amazing family recipes and innovative momo treats at an affordable price point.


Started as the brainchild of Bijay, a young enterprising individual born in Nepal and trained in Canada with a passion for food and a lifetime of experience in hospitality. Momo Joint is not just his passion but a way to share his love for momos and share them with the people in a new, exciting and innovative way.


Momo joint wants to spark joy and make transport their customers to a happy time. Every communication from the brand wants to focus on the joy felt when eating and enjoying great food. From the brand’s logo, to the simple clean menu, to the delightful food the brand wants to make, it makes people smile when they think or interact with Momo Joint. They are also able to make people’s taste buds happy with their innovative spin to momos. The brand wants to be approachable and friendly to keep people coming back and get new people to try their delightful treats.