My Love Triangle
Communication design, Illustrations

My Love Triangle

To create illustrations in the form of posts, gifs and stories for MLT’s social platform helping them in reaching out to more Pizza Lovers.


My love triangle is a brand that Has reinvented pizzas and have changed the way pizzas are made and consumed. They are the first Indian brand to make food on the go and deliver hot and fresh to the doorstep. It’s a brand that believes in innovation above all else and believes in being sustainability and prides in being different and not just a pizza brand.


MLT wanted their social platform to be a reflection of their ideologies and ethics. They wanted fun illustrations as gifs, typography, animations, memes, posters, flyers to be both informative and a source of entertainment for the people. The usage of bright color palette and quirky graphic elements in the deliverables have enabled them in creating an interesting pizza place.