Nine By Janine
Branding, Communication design, Brand book, Art direction, Experience design, visual merchandising, illustrations

Nine By Janine

To build a website for a homegrown, ethical chic footwear brand, based out of Mumbai, India, that boasts of carefully handcrafted products made from genuine leather


The shoes are beautifully hand wrought by local artisans, with as many as 30 years of expertise in their craft. Our label’s moniker, of course, comes from our founder Janine’s name, and the brand is not only an extension of her name, but of her personality too.


Janine wanted bold yet a youthful feminine identity to be the image of her brand. The visual route plays wants to focus on the elegance and the importance of the name. With a fashion forward look, bold and sleek lines the name of the brand shines through. The Red is the epitome of boldness the shades and tones complimentary to creating mystery and uniqueness, giving the brand a distinct look and celebrating the boldness of the people who make up the brand.