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One M

To create a visual identity for a brand that is tech forward, eco friendly, young and fresh.


One M is a brand that’s goal is to help create something that is not only eco-friendly, sustainable and cool but also creates a positive impact on the environment. They developed a patented material composed of nylon sourced from the oceans. This not only saves the ocean life but it is also the only 100% recyclable material.
The 1st product they want to launch is a 100% shoe and move onto other products made up of the material.


We experimented with multiple routes and options all exploring different aspects of the brand. The one that got selected best represented the source of their material, their message, mission and impact. The circle, the clean look and the fresh, simple, and impactful logo was a great fit for the brand.

Approach 1

This route was inspired by the molecular structure which is the basis of all life.
The logo form is bold, fresh, modern, clean and typographic. The form itself is adaptable and the M is dynamic just like the material. The bold but soft form of the letters is to represent the nature of the material which can be moulded to create different textures to ultimately create any long lasting, conscious and durable product.

Approach 2

This route is inspired by time and the never-ending cycle. The logo form is a graphicamalgamation of a sand clock and the infinity loop. This represents the durability, and recyclability of the material. It also represents the eternity and timeless relevance of the material that would continue being utilized forever. The optical illusion lines that form an “m” create dept and perspective for logo form. These lines represent the multiple and never-ending products that can be created by this amazing one material. This visual identity is clean, insightful and memorable and a great representation of the nature of the brands actions and vision.

Approach 3

This route is inspired by the ecosystem the brand would be impacting the most on their mission. The outer circular line represents the recyclability of the material and the never ending life the products created by the material could lead through it. The ocean represents where the nylon that makes up the material would be sourced from and intern be the ecosystem the brand would be able to help save. The rounded hexagon represents the material itself and the patent pending chemistry that makes the material so unique. This logo form is artistic, balanced, graphic and inspirational it is able to capture movement and embodies the spirit of the brand.