Red Chimney Estates
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Red Chimney Estates

To design a brand logo that truly encompasses the values of the firm. 


Founded by Kyrus Sethna, Red chimney is his own brand after being born and raised in a building family and having the backing / resources of an established builder like Rustom Sethna and Sethna Construction Red Chimney is a brand that brings a fresh new perspective to building / Estates / Terrains and Interiors. The Brand focuses on turnkey projects and is lead by Kyrus on all ventures.


The focus when creating an identity for this brand was to incorporate the philosophies as well as the design ideologies into the logo. We looked at various approaches and looked at the identity from various perspectives until finally narrowing down to a sleek, simple yet minimalistic logo that not only defines the brand but instils a premium feel to anyone who connects with them as a potential client.