Red Chimney Estates
Communication design, Art direction,Experience design, UI,UX WP development

Red Chimney Estates

To design a website to showcase the capabilities of the brand and
Help establish credibility and grow the brand and business.


Founded by Kyrus Sethna, Red Chimney is his own brand after being born and raised in a building family and having the backing/ resources of an established builder like Rustom Sethna and Sethna Construction. Red Chimney is a brand that brings a fresh new perspective to building estates, developing terrains, and designing interiors for spaces. The brand focuses on turnkey projects and is led by Kyrus on all ventures.


The focus of the website is to showcase the capabilities of the brand, help establish credibility, show off the beautiful sites, and all the amazing services the brand has to offer. The website acts as a way not only to showcase the brand’s work, which is focused primarily on estates and villas; but it also showcases the founders existing work to help bring in all kinds of projects for the brand. The design is clean, simple, and ties in well with the branding. The website tells a story about the beautiful hill stations and the homes nestled within them. The website hopes to sell not only the properties but also building dreams and experiences.