Salsa Beets
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Sala Beets

To design packaging for a health food product centered around Beetroot; a flavour profile which is slightly more offbeat, but equally tasty. It’s far more versatile than regular salsa.


La Devi is a holistic wellness brand founded by Sushma Seksaria. It is under the parent company of Mt. Meru and they focus on sourcing, curating, and making some of the best organic products. They follow ethical practices, work with farmers, artisans, and some of the best organic food and product producers all over India.


We created the packaging because we wanted to highlight the unique ingredients that make up this yummy and unique salsa. We wanted the look to be fun, vibrant, and eye catching and look very handmade. This product not only looks good from the outside but also helps heal your insides with the power of beetroot and Karunda Berries. We wanted the design to reflect and celebrate that. Showing the ingredients also adds a sense of honesty to the product and it is a product without any preservatives and chemicals. The visual style too helps drive the point home and the vibrancy would make it stand out on shelves.