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The canopy - Wipro


The Canopy
The brief was to create a digital editorial design and visual style & theme for the new issue of The Canopy a magazine started by and run by the Wipro Foundation. This is issue marked a new chapter in the way the brand wished to put the communication across. It is also the main touchpoint that is shared within and outside the organisation to dignitaries, tastemakers, educators, chairmen and this time to students and faculties as well.


Wipro The canopy is a by annual magazine that has been started by the Wipro Foundation. It focuses on showcases all the amazing work in sustainability that Wipro has been doing and this issue was a first as they also celebrated the achievements in sustainability by other organisations especially focusing on the amazing work being done in schools and colleges across the country.


The Selected visual direction is simple, yet modern.
Clean shapes, pops of colour modern visual treatment along with negative and positive space play. Typography and layouts are visually appealing and balanced.
Illustration Style : To create a bit of contrast the illustration style will keep to the minimal vibe but look a little more hand made. The negative positive play and complimentary colours will stay true to the route.