Sula: Re-designed

Sula: Re-designed

With a photographic click


A wine’s label is more than just a sticker to the bottle. It defines the beauty of drinking such an elegantly calming beverage. The label gently sings along with its experience by unfurling the meaning, color, taste and other particulars of the wine. People who definitely know the taste of the wine, might only find their interest in the labels and the unfamiliar eyes first see the label to know about the wine. Either and in most ways, the wine is judged by its label. This gave us more of a reason to play our part in the creation.

To give ourselves a challenge we thought of redesigning an already existing brand’s label. Sula Vineyards are one of India’s Premium Wine brands. Like them we thought of each bottle/flavour to be about a different place

Current packaging. Source: @sula_vineyards instagram


Etherial Photography is the theme behind this redesign. It’s about the mountains of Uttarakhand. The good things should not be bottled, even if its in the mountains, the epitome of peace and tranquility (wine’s good friends). Each wine: White, Red and Rose are about a different place, a different mountain, a different aura. The photographs have been edited to bring out the best colors of the place (literally) marrying it with the minimalist take on the information labelling.

Mana, Badrinath

Pauri, Garhwal


The labels

The Bottles

White wine: Mana
The white wine represents the breathtaking tranquility of a small village, Mana which is 3kms away from the char dham shrine of Badrinath. The photograph is in harmony with the feelings that one perceives while drinking the wine, which is calm and peaceful.

Red wine: Pauri
The red wine is apprehending the vibe of Pauri, the largest district of Uttarakhand. The photograph is in harmony with the relaxing feeling that one perceives while drinking the wine.

Rose wine: Lansdowne
The rose wine is apprehending the beauty and calm of the serene town of Lansdowne. The photograph is a true visual of “wine a little and you’ll feel better”.

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