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To create a visual identity, visual style for a momo company hoping to launch in India. They hope to provide amazing family recipes and innovative momo treats at an affordable price point.


Pattal is a fusion street food brand that wants to elevate the chaat experience to make something associated with affordable everyday into a new gourmet experience.


We wanted to created a luxurious but accessible look and feel for the brand. Chaat is something Indians eat everyday and it’s something people can easily afford and love to eat. We wanted the brand to have that premium look but not loose accessibility of the nature of street food by integrating hand made illustrations, vibrant colours that capture the essence of the food.

Our Impact

Created a new category for Chaat

Helped scaling of the business

Created new offerings


Done in collaboration with single origin our content and strategy partners for this project.

what our clients said

“On some days, it felt like you cared about our brand more than we did. It was an absolutely wonderful experience.”
–  Arooshi Dahiya, Co- Founder